Professional Fitness For the Entire Family


At Trifecta Athletics, fitness isn’t just a solo journey.

From one-on-one training to adult and youth programs, every aspect of your Trifecta Athletics journey is designed with you – and your family – in mind. Build your strength. Motivate yourself and those you love. Grow as an athlete and as a family.


Youth Programs

Encouraging Youth. Building Athletes.

Trifecta Athletics goes beyond teaching youth the skills needed to improve their game. Our professional instructors – all former pro or college athletes – know the importance of growing in strength, conditioning, and technique in all areas of fitness.

Adult Programs

Overcome Your Obstacles. Dominate Your Goals.

Trifecta Athletics was built specifically for you. No more time constraints, ineffective workouts, or unmet goals. We understand what it takes to get the body you want while managing time, work, family, and nutrition. We offer a better path to long term fitness.

Meet Our Trainers

Dedicated Professionals. Passionate About Fitness.

Our trainers are all former college and pro-athletes. They strive to create professional programs that work specifically for you to meet your fitness goals while challenging your body, mindset and habits. Want to meet our specialized team?

Explore Our Fitness Programs

Personal Training

Our innovative training is designed for both adults and youth. Your program will assist you in building muscle, toning, and losing excess weight through a personalized approach to nutrition, whole-body health, and targeted exercise and weight lifting.

Group Classes

Join a group of fun, energetic individuals of every age and skill level. Classes focus on core strength, agility, and endurance through specialized activity such as kickboxing and our unique strength and conditioning course.

Youth Sports Training

Designed for youth of every age, our sports programs help junior athletes gain the knowledge and confidence to excel in baseball, basketball, softball, and soccer. Sports training includes group or one-on-one training and covers every skill level, including elite-level instruction for future college athletes.

Seasonal Camps

Our Charlotte athletic training center includes both indoor and outdoor facilities to accommodate seasonal camps for baseball, basketball, and our All Sports camps during school holidays.

The Trifecta Athletics Difference

Charleston Athletic Training For Every Age, Skill Level, and Member of the Family


Our trainers are former college and professional athletes who understand the value of safe, consistent, and personalized training in achieving both your short term and long term fitness goals.


Become a stronger athlete through specialized group classes and personalized strength conditioning programs. You can also support your youth’s athletic goals by enrolling them in professional sports training, strength development plans, and seasonal camps.


What better motivator for you or your junior athlete than someone who has walked the road of professional athleticism? At our Charleston athletic training facility, you gain motivational support to grow as an athlete, change nutrition and fitness habits, and improve your day-to-day life.


Gain confidence in your athletic abilities by learning to implement the best practices and specialized techniques taught by our team of professional athletes. With Trifecta Athletics, you will overcome your obstacles and dominate your goals.

Build. Motivate. Grow.

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